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Salvaging A Light Fixture & House Update!

With all the money going out the door with my house renovation, I am really making an effort to try and paint or refurbish my existing pieces as much as I can rather than give away, sell or buy new!!

 I bought this chandelier from Joyce Horn Antiques to place in my entryway years ago.  Italian made, it was green and rust colored with bundles of hanging grapes and crystal accents galore; I just had to have it!

15 years later, all the grapes and crystals that I had originally adored were just too much for me! I kinda feel the fixture would be better in a dining room or Italian restaurant (hehe).  The first thing I did was take all the grapes and crystals off. So much better!!!  The grape drops may get refurbished into Christmas ornaments—watch your stockings!!  


I decided to look in my garage to see what I had and found some left over white plaster from a previous project. Wanting to add some texture to the piece, I mixed the plaster with paint and applied it in a bouncing motion with an inexpensive chip brush. Insiders tip - you can mix paint with sheetrock mud to achieve a similar outcome!  

Washing over the piece with a gray glaze, I gold leafed a sprinkling of the leaves and the metal braid on the bottom; hoping for a more contemporary, whimsical flair to its traditional design!

Ageing the gold by sanding it and adding raw umber, I re-hung the teardrop crystals and replaced the original resin candle sleeves with white wax ones. Notice I painted the glass crystals around the arms of the chandelier but not the ones running down the center to lesson the bling. 

Here is the chandelier hanging in the entrance!! There are hooks on the fixture, beneath each candle where crystals previously hung. I chose to hang them higher where some of the grapes were so they are not so obvious. I also did not use all of them.

I love mixing elements and pairing items that you wouldn't normally see combined together. Hmmm ...  will it work?! I think I will hang up the two architectural overdoors above the entrances to the music room and dining room (still on the floor under the stairs).

 Product DetailsProduct Details


Although I used real gold leaf on my fixture, another great way to add a metallic effect or to downplay metallic elements on a fixture is Rub and Buff. Along with buying it art supply stores you can also shop online to purchase from Amazon as well! In Houston, I buy it from Texas Art Supply or Berings Hardware & Co.



Rub N Buff Wax Metallic Finishes 12 Color Sampler Set

Look at how many colors are available! I found this great gift set on Amazon for $39. It looks like a Christmas wreath!!

Here is a glimpse into the music room! I really liked this space before, with its green plastered walls, but the addition of the new staircase necessitated widening the room openings here and into the dining room on the other side. I felt the spaces should be viewed as one and there should be no color change. After everything is done I might wax the plaster to give it more sheen. 

Here is the before (professionally taken )-- I see I need to move the piano back to where it was in this picture! Of course I know to take pictures to remember the furniture placement but did I remember when the movers were here?? Of course not!

The furnishings are the same with the exception of switching out the couch for the daybed which used to be in my dressing area.

I had so much fun laying out the old plank wood from a barn in the USA that was going to go on my dining room ceiling!! Ari Rojas with AR Floor Designs did such a great job providing and hand selecting the wood for me! My plan is to paint a design on it but it is so beautiful in its natural state!!!

My dining room is definitely a work in progress! I had found some French chairs for a bargain and am having them recovered and painted. Once finished, these vintage lucite chairs will go in our game room.

Two things I love are my new vintage Fortuny drapes found at designer Dianne Joseph's resale shop, Atelier 1505 ,and the fab lucite and brass curtain rods from LuxHoldups, found on Etsy!! They are very reasonably priced and I was able to get a custom size for my window!!! I am ordering endcaps and also replacing the old rods in the music room with these new ones.

Although the landscaping isn't done the pool is completed and my patio furniture (Furnishing The Outdoors) arrived!! Tip from me - Really lay out dimensions of furniture before your pool is dug! In hindsight, I would have extended the patio and made the pool a little longer to accommodate how much seating I wanted! Oh well, crowded but quaint!

I do love the sun shelf loungers I found at Ledge Lounger.  A bit of a splurge, these weigh about 50lbs upon delivery. They fully submerge them in the pool, filling them with water. When installed they weigh about 144lbs -- these won’t be going anywhere during hurricane season!!

The Blog will have a whole new look next week!!!  We have re-designed our website and blog to have a fresh new look and located all on one site. If anyone has problems receiving information from the new site please email me at I hope you all have a wonderful week - until next time!!


For inspiration to renovate your home, purchase Segreto Style  here or through Amazon here!!

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New Years Resolutions!

Every year New year resolutions come and go!! If you’re like me I have such good intentions and then just poof—it’s the next year and I haven’t accomplished my list. This year I am determined to master a few of my resolutions, in hopes for a healthier, more balanced 2015!!

Losing weight consistently tops mine and mosts' New Year’s resolution list! As you can see over the last eight years I have made a steady gain in weight with a huge jump in the last four! Although I know looks don’t make the person, dressing up is not as fun as it used to be and I certainly don't feel as energetic, rested or chipper.

But how do we get determined?!!  


I’m going to start by re-watching the movie Fed Up which reveals the relationship between processed foods and the growing weight gain in our country. With all the low fat, low sugar diet crazes, chemicals have become a staple in the food industry and people have gained weight as a result! 

I have always been interested in healthier ways to lower chemicals in the painting products Segreto uses (see blog on going green here), and the same applies to the chemicals in our foods. After watching this move, I was alarmed to learn that our children’s is the first generation expected to have a shorter lifespan than their parents, and much of this is due to the chemicals in the foods of today!

Wanting a jump start to both losing weight and being healthier, I have decided to do a juice cleanse! Crushed Juicery is a Houston based company established in 2012 by founder, Elena Dunn. Using her degree in natural health science and nutrition, Crushed provides freshly made juice cleanses, delivered right to your door-a big help to me- and offers customizable 1 to 10 day programs!  Their cold pressed juices promote the rest and repair of your digestive system while harmful, built up toxins are flushed from the body!

Wanting to test the product in advance, my office staff and I ordered the three day, ‘First Crush’ program from their website and had it delivered at the start of the week. The six juices allotted for each day actually tasted really good and noone felt hungry! After the initial caffeine withdraw passed (yikes!), everyone in the office agreed that the juices left them feeling both satisfied and energized by the end of the day! Bonus… we lost between 5-7 lbs each!!

Depending on how many toxins you have built up in your system, it isn’t uncommon to feel flu-like symptoms when first starting a cleanse. This typically only lasts a day or two and, once done cleansing, you are in a great position to start making changes to your diet plan! Above, Segreto’s Jessica enjoys her favorite Crushed Juice, pineapple! My favorite was the carrot! The green juices tasted surprisingly good as well!

Getting Fit!!...


Exercising is number 5 on the top 10 list!! I really just don't it enjoy working out, which is funny considering I used to teach aerobics in the 80’s after work just for fun! I want to incorporate this is my daily routine at least 3 times per week. In the past, I have joined health clubs, done Zumba, tried kick boxing and cycling but I just can’t seem to keep up the consistency. This year, I plan to take baby steps and stick with exercises I hate the least.     


Walking, something I enjoy probably because it’s a great girlfriend activity, is the most popular physical activity in America. For health purposes, people should walk at least a 15 minute mile. Fitness experts estimate that on average, each fifteen minute walk will burn 100 calories. Walk an hour and burn 400- not too shabby! I think I will start using my FitBit to show the number of steps I walk each day. Having used it in the past, it did encourage me to go the extra mile—hehe.


On one of my many health club spurts, I did realize I really like yoga. My Mom, who used to be a dancer and still dances at 75, has tried to get me to a yoga class for years!!  Not only is it good exercise but it is a great stress reliever and way to relax.  I wonder if this could take the place of my two glasses of wine each night which can range between 110 to 300 calories each depending on the alcohol content and serving size!!!

Getting More Sleep!!...

 Getting your beauty sleep not only provides prettier skin, more energy and a sharper brain, but also greatly improves your success rate when dieting. In an article I read from Skinny Ms. dieting participants who got adequate sleep lost more fat, and when the same participants cut back on their sleep their weight loss only was about one-fourth fat loss. My landscaper told me that he has lost 15lbs in the last month just concentrating on getting 8 hours of sleep a night.



Nutrition for the brain, most people need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. Skimping on sleep dulls activity in the brains frontal lobe which its center for decision-making and impulse control....... so a sleepy brain looks for anything that will make it feel sharper; craving junk food and lacking the impulse control to say no.

Helping others...




Helping others hit number 8 on the resolution list and for me will bring more balance to my life!!! With the books I have had to just say no to so many extra activities. Pick something you love to do and it will be so rewarding!! This year I plan to participate in the New Spring Art Center’s mentoring program. The program offers at risk youth the opportunity to explore their artistic interests and talents to help achieve a brighter future! I am going to give talks to local Jr. High and High school art programs on how to be successful in a job, what it takes to be an entrepreneur and what I do in my profession. My first talk is on the 29th-yikes... with 60 highschoolers!  I am also planning to organize a series of the Segreto artists to teach for a nonprofit after school art program. I am always so inspired by young people and really look forward seeing what they will create and come up with!

Getting organized and finishing my house!!...

Of course there always needs to be a decorating goal in each New year!! With my renovation project pouring over to 2015, I am excited about finishing my home, sharing it with you along the way and enjoying living there! Above is an update of the exterior. It's coming along! We are waiting for the new metal windows in the front and then we can finish the landscaping. In the inside, I still have fabrics to select and the kitchen and laundry redo. Taking my time and trying to enjoy the process, even with my crazy schedule, I will follow the advice I tell clients --"Beautiful homes evolve and require patience. When redoing your own homes, try to stay true to what you like and not become totally obsessed with trends!"

Here are the top 10 New year’s resolution’s! How many of these are yours? 

If you have some of the same resolutions as I do, check out my Pinterest boards on healthy eating and organizing or follow all of my boards by clicking here for design inspiration! I can't wait to try some of the hundreds of recipes I have pinned on clean eating! I'll let you know which ones are tasty.

I wish each of you success in your New Year’s Resolutions and am so grateful always of your relentless support!!! I would love to hear about your resolutions and any tips from you, on achieving mine!!! We have lots of wonderful blog stories in store to share in the upcoming months! Wishing you a great start to your 2015!!! 



Book Signings and Shopping Galore !!!

It has been an exciting and eventful few months for Segreto Style; with so many fun book signings coupled with shopping events!! In between signing books and visiting with friends, I spied some wonderful gift ideas at each event which I wanted to share!!!

With the season just beyond the horizon, the timing could not have been more perfect! From the incredible launch party at Joyce Horn Antiques (read about it here!) all the way to the Longoria Collection, each event has been a joy to attend and I love sharing my favorite moments and gift ideas with you!! 

River Oaks Country Club kicked off the holiday in style! With hundreds of vendors from across the country sharing their unique goods, we had just as much fun signing as shopping!!!


Surrounded by talent on all sides, the event kicked off with the amazing vocal talents of The Choraleers caroling throughout the aisles!


My book signing was right in front of Jamie Pope, creator of Liz James Designs jewelry! Based in Austin, I couldn’t get over her beautiful creations!! So much so that I am now carrying her jewelry in the Segreto Boutique. We are so excited to be the only retailers of her pieces in Houston!!!


Eating lunch with the fifth generation baker from Three Brothers Bakery, they were so sweet and gave me  a gift box of goodies at the end of the day! They were delish so I pulled up their website when I got home. Not only do they make amazing bagels, cakes and cupcakes, to name a few, they also ship their goods around the country in the most wonderful gift boxes!! Look at the cake they made of them!!


Then I was off to The Kinkaid School Book Fair where I was a visiting author!! So fun, I was at a signing table next to the famed Betty Lou Philips who was also signing her new book as well. Design greats Nicole Zarr and Pam Pierce, both of which I have had the privilege to work with in the past, are featured in her new book. I even had a reserved parking space and a handler (a friend whose home I had plastered) for the event - so fun!    

The next day I spent the afternoon as a guest at Memorial Antiques and Interiors (aka MAI) as they welcomed shoppers into their beautiful store for their annual Holiday Market!! Placed front and center in Mary Katherine Rathnell's booth, I spied some really wonderful finds.

With lighter and airier accessories being on trend, how great are these books wrapped in canvas that form a design when stacked? Ideal for accessorizing a book shelf or end table! My daughter dreams about a Chanel bag! Think this might fit the ticket? MAI, a collaborative antique mall, is made up of different dealers, each with beautiful vignettes and unique items ranging from furnishings to accessories, lighting to art.  


All of the antiques were exquisite but this dip was to die for!!!!  Linda Gale (dealer #183) made this from a recipe she found in Texas Tuxedos to Tacos Cookbook! I am making it for all my house guests over the holidays!!

The next stop was a signing hosted by my dear friend and owner of JJ Design Group, Kathy Johnson, in her lovely home!!! Surrounded by plaster walls and coupled with beautiful jewels created by designer Cara Porter of Elizabeth Leigh, I had a hard time focusing on the books!!

Her stunning creations ranged from brushed and hammered gold to vintage cameos. The exceptionally beautiful South Sea pearls are Tahitian baroque; their colors varying in shades of Australian white to slate gray. Hard not to fall in love with all of her amazing pieces!!

Back Row Antiques annual Fall Market rounded out our event-filled week! The warehouse is comprised of numerous, unique vendors displaying their wares, incorporated artisans and boutiques into their space for the occasion, providing shoppers with a variety of great gift ideas sure to please!! They have beautiful antiques, and now carry so many wonderful gift items as well!

Getting ready for the big event, we painted these commercial warehouse doors to look like old ones which had been perched open! Owner Tracy forgot they were just painted to look open and ran right into them!         

New to the shop, I adore these Spanish wine tumblers! So clean and modern, they would be a beautiful addition to your entertaining arsenal and at $40.00 for a box of 4 you can still afford a yummy bottle of wine to fill them!

I also spotted these amazing antler kitchen tools! Featuring bottle openers ($75) and ice cream scoops ($50), these would make such a cool gift for the hunters on your list!   

How amazing are these authentic horn and bone handle magnifying glasses priced between $25 and $250! And their variety of antique cutting boards, ranging from $125 to $250 depending on the size, is second to none!

The weekend closed on a high note at The Woodlands Antique and Vintage Market! With something for every style and aesthetic, there was so much to admire!!

Many of the vendors were friends from in and around Houston as well as familiar faces from past Round Top events! It was so fun being able to visit and catch up with them all!

I was thrilled when my sweet friend and designer Genna Weidner and her long time business partner, Deborah Hasou, who specializes in interiors as well as residential building design, invited me to their fabulous Celebrating the Artisan event! Their firm, Weidner Hasou & Co., located on Houston’s Memorial Drive, features a charming boutique chock full of unique items ranging from modern to European antiques.

So fun - instead of catering, each guest was given a ticket to visit The Toasted Food Truck  stationed outside which included a grilled pulled pork and cheese or peanut butter jelly and bacon sandwich - yummy!!! I will definitely remember this for my next event!! Especially after watching the movie, Chef! If you haven’t seen it yet, it is available to rent now!

I had such a great time at the Bering's Season of Style Event this year, alongside my good friend and designer, Ellie Bale! I signed books while Ellie created beautiful tablescapes, just like the one featured in this month's Veranda Magazine! It was so fun seeing everyone that stopped by to shop and supported Small Business Saturday!

Houston Country Club was so much fun! Vendors from near and far set up shop as members and their guests took part in a two day shopping event. Lucky us - we had a view of their beautifully decorated Christmas tree which truly put me in the Holiday spirit!!!

Just down the road, Charlotte Nail Antiquesinvited us to do a signing to help celebrate the seventh annual Deck the Tables, Holiday Tabletop Tour and Open House! Surrounded by her beautiful assortment of antique treasures, Charlotte's table was gilded and grand with oversized garlands of fresh greenery, ribbon and crystals! Next door at Thorntree Slate, the theme was an 'Alaskan Woodland Holiday' and not a detail was spared creating a winter wonderland on and around the dinner table! Such inspiring tablescapes made me so excited to decorate my own this year!

Last but certainly not least, Longoria Collection invited me into their beautiful store to sign books just in time for some last minute Christmas shopping! With vignettes throughout the store featuring beautiful furniture and accessories for every room in the home, it was an inspiring space to spend an afternoon with Segreto Style!

I fell in love with this gold and mahogany coffee table with a sunken bar, perfect for entertaining!! I had such a fun time seeing everyone throughout the day and can't wait to visit again soon!

All wrapped and ready to be gifted, Segreto Style makes a beautiful present to any home design and finish lover! I have had so much fun this past month as Segreto Style made its debut visiting with all my Segreto follower friends!! It was cherished girl time with each of you!!!

I have been so blessed this year and appreciate each and everyone of you! I want to wish all of you a very happy and safe New Year; I can't wait to see what 2015 has to bring!!


Treat yourself, purchase Segreto Style here or through Amazon here!!

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The Color Red

One of the most significant colors on the wheel, red has come to symbolize many emotions, historical events, and ideals but one thing this color does not do is sit quietly on the palette.  



Perhaps the oldest color ever to be sought after by ancient artists, red was a pigment commonly created as far back as 170,000 years ago!     

It is believed that cave-dwellers in the late Stone Age would collect and grind clay ochre; commonly found in nature, its deep red hues were a preference for cave drawings and body painting.


With the emergence of civilization, red began to take on a more historically significant role. In China, red is considered the color of happiness and luck. Often, the doors of homes will be painted red to welcome good fortune and positivity. 


An ancient custom in Indian culture, brides wear red sarees as their wedding dress to symbolize purity and celebration. Often paired with metallic silver or gold embellishments and coordinating accessories, the red serves to draw attention to the bride on her most special day and it is a truly stunning effect!!!


Following the French Revolution in the late 1700’s, red became symbolic of determination, impassioned activism and communism. As seen here, wearing a red accessory, especially the hat or bonnet rouge, was a strong declaration of freedom from an oppressive monarchy. Though outwardly supportive of the revolutionary cause, both Marie Antoinette (pictured above) and her husband, King Louis XVI, were executed; effectively ending the significant ruling history of the absolute monarchy.


Emotionally, the color red has a long-standing association with romance and fiery passion.  According to ancient Greek lore, the red rose first appeared as Aphrodite dripped the blood of her wounded lover, Adonis, onto the petals of a white rose. It is no surprise, then that the color of blood, our life-force, is so strongly associated with the boldest emotions felt by the living.

Throughout history, red in fashion has always correlated strongly with wealth. Because it required a significant combination of dyes and deep saturation, red became the color equivalent of an upper-class calling card! Today, iconic fashion garments including Hermes Birkin handbags remain at the helm of classic couture. And how amazing are these red suede stilettos, wrapped up just like the beautiful present they would be to receive!!


Another iconic red, Revlon’s 1952 Fire and Ice campaign featuring Dorian Leigh kicked off what has become a cult classic in the realm of beauty. This bold color, especially when paired with matching fingernails, continues to represent the power and femininity of its wearer. Equally as recognizable, Christian Dior’s first makeup product, the Dior Rouge lipstick, was a declaration to the art of seduction.


In the home, red can serve as an impactful addition to any scheme or aesthetic. Due to its ability to stir emotions and set strong tones, its use in design is often carefully approached. It has been said that red accent pieces should be without imperfection because, inevitably, the eyes of those visiting the room will be drawn to it!

How incredible is this vintage inspired, Meneghini ice chest complete with options for a fitted pantry space, coffee maker, steam oven and more?! Truly a statement piece, this Italian designed and manufactured unit would be the crowning jewel…a ruby of course… in any kitchen!! You can have this for a mere £16,400 (!!!) available in the UK at Robeys. 

Courtesy of Architectural Digest, the kitchen of Robert Duffy's historic Manhattan apartment features red appliances that make this space an instant classic! The look is made complete with walnut cabinetry designed by Jaklitsch/ Gardner Architects, mirrored backsplash and a Sub-Zero refrigerator with custom lacquer panels. I adore the red Bertazzoni range which can be found right here in Houston at Acero Bella!!  

Also known for its ability to stimulate hunger, red can often be found in many restaurant settings and food packaging!  Red M&M’s were eliminated in 1976 due to health concerns over the red dye, and then reintroduced in 1986 because of a worldwide campaign!!

This red dining room we plastered for designer Anne Lydick, is both dramatic and warm. I can just imagine enjoying a meal for hours amidst the glow and texture of this sumptuous space!  


Red is also a major component of many holiday decorations. Whether it’s complimenting its green counterpart during Christmas or paired with black or pink for a romantic Valentine’s Day, bold red serves to highlight its hued partner by the effect of contrast. 


Glamorous and romantic is the pairing of red roses, metallic accents and the glow of candlelight. With the addition of some sprigs of holly and cranberry accents, this tablescape would translate beautifully into the Christmas holiday tablescape!  

In honor of this vibrant and jolly color, try your hand at this red, Merry Mojito.

Merry Mojito


  • 6 mint leaves
  • 2 lime wedges
  • 1 oz. Pom pomegranate juice
  • crushed ice
  • 1.5 oz. rum
  • 2 oz. 7-UP
  • pomegranate seeds and peppermint stick for garnish


Merrily muddle mint, lime and Pom juice in a tall glass. Add crushed ice, rum and top with 7up. Add pomegranate seeds and stir with peppermint stick. Enjoy!

Whether you are swiping rouge onto your lips or decorating your table this season, don’t forget the bold impact red can have on all areas of living it touches! For more of my favorite reds and Christmas inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards here! I hope that you all have a very, merry holiday this year celebrating with loved ones!!!


Get your own copy of Segreto Style here or through Amazon here!!

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Christmas, Segreto Style!

There are few holidays that inspire more decorating excitement than Christmas! From the shop windows to the fireplace mantle and everywhere in between, I just love seeing what beautiful and unique ways others are celebrating the holiday season!!



Such splendor in this statue draped in cedar and pine boughs with pine cones and ribbon.  This year, I will keep in mind the advice of Emily Thompson, flower designer of the above,"Everything is so maxi-malist at the holidays, there's beauty in being pared down."

Oh Christmas Tree……


What a beautiful impression these potted Christmas trees make in these antique French Biot jars! Any pot placed just inside an entry or flanking veranda doors with tall, slender spruce trees would be stunningl!! 


I love this tree for so many reasons! Foregoing the traditional stand and skirt, the pot the tree is planted in becomes a design feature! The ‘frosted’ branches (DIY for less than $10 here!) and use of limited colors looks so vintage. My favorite part? Storing the gifts in these cute metal tubs; keeping them off of the floor and organized by recipient!!!


When it comes to Christmas décor, you are not limited to boughs of holly alone. Consider wrapping your tree in garlands of grevellea and cedar boughs mixed with Queen Anne's lace, chamomile and bird's nest accents such as this one designed by Emily Thompson.

The Holiday Table…


Whether a sit down dinner or buffet is on your agenda this year, the holiday table is my favorite part of holiday decorating. Maybe it’s because this is where friends and family gather together to celebrate what Christmas and the Holidays are all about. 


A beautiful example in layering, this place setting begins with a natural rattan charger. The colored napkin, folded into a rectangle, adds a pop of color between the salad and dinner plates while a petite boxwood wreath completes the stack. A pretty, coordinating ribbon holds the name tag and welcomes guests to the seat they’ll look forward to having!  


If simple is more your style this year, try stacking the utensils and napkin atop your dishes. In keeping with the basic theme, a natural woven napkin ring accented with branches of winter wheat and berries makes a lovely touch without being too fussy!


This settings main focus is all about the wrapping! Tied to each guests fork and knife with jute and laid on top of a modest evergreen clipping, this would be an elegant and easy creation for a large gathering. Etsy has great handmade, calligraphy tags like these for $1.50ea!! 


Another pretty example, mix in a sprig of cinnamon for a place at the table that inspires all of the senses! 

I absolutely adore these standing napkin trees! Topped instead with a handmade snow globe ring (tutorial here!) and you have a table setting and favor sure to impress your guests!! So cute!!!


For the holiday buffet, stack rolled napkins instead of laying them flat for a pretty ‘tree’ effect! In place of the napkin ring, use fresh greenery tied with florists tape and accented with a miniature ornament adds such a pretty organic touch!


The Kids Table …

Christmas is a magical time for all, especially children. Below are some of my favorite ideas for making it extra special!!


What a wonderful way to make the kids table entertaining! Basic brown paper (you can buy at the paint store) set with festive red and white accents and an activity checklist makes eating apart from the adults more fun than ever!


How cute is this to fill these dollar store stockings with utensils! Napkins can also be included in each ‘pouch’ for easy toting and use!


This would be wonderful to include at the place setting for each child! Entertaining them during dinner, they could draw their favorite Christmas scene! At the end of the meal, because they have been perfect angles, they could open their specially wrapped gift!!

I know this isn’t about the Christmas table but I felt this idea was too cute not to share!! These personalized sacks from Santa are straight out of a children’s Christmas dream! Created by London based company Harrow & Green, upgrade from the standard stocking and use this custom sack for years to come!


For even more Segreto Style Christmas inspiration, check out my pinterest board here! I hope all of you my friends have a wonderful Christmas or holiday season with your family, friends, and loved ones!  I wish you all health, joy, happiness and love during the holidays and in the New year!!


For your last minute holiday buys, spend the afternoon at Longoria Collection December 17th! I will be signing copies of Segreto Style from 11am to 2pm and admiring all of their amazing home and beauty selections! I hope to see you there!


If you get the chance, check out my sweet friend, Karena at her wonderful blog, The Arts by Karena! where she did such a great feature on our new book!! We'd also like to send a big thank you to Chateau Domingue for their wonderful piece on Segreto Style, they have so many beautiful items featured in our pages; take a look here! I can't thank them enough for the gift of her kind words!! 

A perfect gift, purchase Segreto Style for the designl lovers on your list this season through our website here or through Amazon here!! 

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