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An English Christmas!!


Exploding with holiday décor, this English manor-style home was definitely ready for Christmas! Not only do I love the seasonal decorations, but the home itself is just spectacular.  Yorkshire-born Andy and New England-born Pamela settled into the Bunker Hill neighborhood to create their dream home. After buying an acre lot that had a run-down original farmhouse 17 years ago, they remodeled and added over 4500 square feet! Completed by architect Danielle Gingrich, the house pays homage to the English architecture that the homeowners love.



During the holiday season, the family dubs the home the “Christmas House.” Filling each room with some festive décor has been a family tradition, starting with Pamela’s grandmother who worked in a Christmas light factory. Pamela’s mother also caught the Christmas bug and was always full of holiday cheer, decorating for weeks in advance.  The giant poinsettias and nutcracker outside set teh tone for the holiday home!!!


The beautiful entrance hall with its rich wood and lovely stained glass is accented with a large garland that instantly welcomes you into the home.  Along with the help of her daughter, Katy, and beloved housekeeper, Elva, Pamela starts decorating in October each year and says “it’s never truly complete until after December 25th!” Her other two daughters have also started to appreciate their mom’s love for the holidays by setting up their own trees.


This pre-holiday picture gives you a great view of the home’s architectural touches! Each room has a view of the English gardens the homeowners added a few years ago. Before completing the house, Pamela traveled around England, taking pictures of old manor houses, country homes and cottages to provide inspiration for the design of their home.  Though the home is large, the way it meanders from room to room and the way they incorporated some personal touches like the family shield painted on top of the plastered walls by Segreto Finishes makes it so comfortable!

The living room gets transformed with lavish garlands, stockings and an ornate tree! The daughter of an artist and a chemical engineer, Pamela loves exploring the right side of her brain and using her creativity to decorate for the holidays.


I always love the warm glow from Christmas lights! The Christmas décor even seems to enhance the English manor style – so beautiful!


Everywhere you look, you’re greeted with another garland. Pamela used an assortment of ribbon and fruit for this one – locally grown apples and pears were traditionally used to adorn trees, wreaths and garlands throughout Europe and Britain and then were later eaten from the branches as part of the Christmas feasting!


Pamela doesn’t just have one tree - she decorates nine!!! Each with its own theme, the home has a fairy tree, a Santa tree, a bird tree, a redware tree, a Texas tree, an heirloom tree, a 12 Days of Christmas tree, a princess tree and a diva tree!!! This one is the fairy tree covered in hundreds of Mark Roberts ornaments. Each little elfish creature has its own personality!

Pamela brings in jalepenos from the garden for her Texas tree and adds on cute boot ornaments and reindeer antlers – so fun! Her daughter, Annabelle, strung the pink lights on a white tree to complement her “princess palace” room with its cute stencils and murals that Segreto painted. And then there’s the diva tree! Pamela uses a gold wire tree as the base and layers it with lots of bling!!!

The bird tree has a wonderful, nature-inspired look. I love the different sizes and shapes of the avian ornaments combined with snow-covered pinecones, berries and nests! The family parakeet, PeeDee, served as inspiration.


The dining room offers additional views of the English garden and carries over the stained glass from the entry. I wanted to show a before Christmas picture because I just love the finishes. We plastered the walls and then glazed the ceiling, highlighting the unique squares in gold to bring out the details.


When it’s set for the festivities, the dining table becomes a jolly yuletide landscape with a combination of Christmas china, a red tablecloth and lots of holiday accessories.

The breakfast area also gets some festive touches with this Santa and sleigh centerpiece. The hand-painted murals over plaster were inspired by a garden room which were from one of Pam's books on English Manor houses.


One of Pamela’s favorite things is designing large, ceiling-high centerpieces for the kitchen. This incredible display of candy canes and other treats is arranged in clear, “over-the-top mom fashion.” It’s quite impressive!!!


On the walls of the hallway leading to the master, we did this lovely English mural based on some of Andy’s pictures and books of English Country homes.  For the New Year, the couple plans to paint out the molding in the same color as the painted drapes to give focus only on the mural and  to renovate the master suite!!  Thanks, Pamela and Andy, for showing us around your beautiful manor home and giving us a glimpse into your Christmas celebrations. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and best to all in the new year!!!

Next week I will show you my redo or my kitchen den and breakfast areas!!  A new look for the new year!! xo Leslie


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what a spectacular home...I and I really love English style architecture...
love the holiday decor looks so perfect in this style of home..
beautiful mural..the blue is stunning...

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