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The Wonders of Marburger Farm Antique Show

Yes, it is time again for one of my favorite events: The Marburger Farm Anitque Show in Roundtop, Texas!! I am looking forward to reuniting with the amazing vendors from all over the world. I was blessed to meet everyone while I did a full week's worth of book signings at the last fall show!!

Here is my sweet group that helped me at the last show and some of my new vendor friends!! If you were there, remember that it was hotter than hot-- There were a couple of monsoon rains, and believe it or not - it even hailed!! That didn't keep the shoppers away or dampen all the wonderful vendors' moods!! I must say that for me, staying cool and being fashionable was not something I could accomplish!!

It’s amazing to see how the show has developed over its 30-year history, while still remaining true to its roots and mixing the 12 historic circa-1900 buildings with 10 huge tents. Enjoy while I take you through just a small sampling of some wonderful discoveries I fell in love with while I was there!! Please forgive me - If my sources and locations are off, as I think the heat impared my notetaking ability!! These lovely panels were from Marshall Lee (Cd3).

From this wonderful mirror to all these unique finials (that could be used as accessories or as one-of-a-kind curtain rod finds!!), each vignette has so much to look at!!

I can never get enough of the new industrial, and there is certainly a big selection here! John Petty (Dad10) has a great selection of tables, lamps, and letters.  Since the show, I have also seen that he has a booth at MAI2 in Houston!

I love the originality and work of La Grange jewelry designer, Richard Schmidt!!  Because of his unique combinations of different metals and stones, no two pieces of his handcrafted jewelry are exactly alike!! I purchased a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece that I adore from him!!Do you recognize this table from my den makeover? It's the one that I built up and put the 4 cow hide ottomans in from of. It's from Studio F by Kara Fogertey -

Loved the romance of this booth!! My mother, being a ballet dancer in her day, has lots of vintage toe shoes!!  What a wonderful way to use them! Antique rosaries also seemed to be the rage-- for both accesorizing the home and as fashion statements!

Pots and pans anyone!! These too-cool-to-cook-with could be used as decor!!

There are so many things at the show that illustrate how items can be repurposed into something functional and totally different. For instance, these candlesticks are made from table base legs that have been turned upside-down.

...or the lamp made from an old crank and the wonderful table made from and old box. This show really opens your mind to so many possibilities and has millions of one-of-a-kind finds!!

I really wanted to get this one-of-a-kind art piece for my dad, who is quite the carpenter!! I was afraid that my mom would say, "Where would we put that!?". Don (CA7) from Kansas City is a great guy- ask him about his tablescapes - to die for!!

This whole booth (CD6) focused on taking sentimental items and regrouping them into a wonderful display item. I loved the idea of putting this bell jar over the antique cups! My grandmother had such a wonderful collection of these that I now have - what a great way to display a bit of her evey day where I can enjoy!!

I spent hours in this amazing booth from Atlanta dealer, A. Tyner!! Angie and her husband, Hugh, had so many wonderful unique items and I felt that her price point was also great!! A must visit !!

 Loved all her lamps made from different architectural fragments. She has worlds of fantastic lighting!!

Mitra Kilburn -all the way from California- has some really amazing authentically old pieces!! (Db10)

Here she is now with some of her treasures! Her mirror collection-- definitely statement pieces!

Beautiful necklaces by Santa Fe based artist, Deborah Vaughn. I want the entire collection!! She was just as nice as she is beautiful and seeing her model her custom designs made me want them all the more!! (Db9)

What an interesting base from a dealer from Longview, Texas, Eclectic Architecturals. Perfect for an entranceway or powder vanity piece!!

These old military sketches make a wonderful statement when all framed together as an art wall! They are available from Creekside Ferns' (404-403-3455,

There were so many fun people to hang out with. I loved this little lady's shirt, which I found out was from Anthropologie!! The finished the upholstery piece with the two rows of cording is simple but a wow!!  

I gave this pasta from Austin Gourmet Foods out as Christmas gifts last year!! With such a wide variety of flavors (yes, that's "Chocolate" on the far right!!) that are all SO delcious, it's hard to pick a favorite! All organic and homemade - she is located in the square at Roundtop!!

Donna Harmon (   from Colorado Springs had such the variety in her wonderful booth!! She had practically sold out after the first day (Cb6).

B Kelly Antiques from Atlanta, Georgia has quite an amazing booth filled with antiques from France, Italy, and Sweden! (Cc5)

I loved this architectural pediment from Lynn King (Fa4).  I need to copy that wonderful patina on a few of my pieces!!!

Jessica Fairbrother (Fb4 & Fb5) is intent on answering her customers' questions about her unique pieces!!

Ending the day with wine and a FUN lady who definitely loves what she does! I really enjoyed seeing how she takes vintage elements to create all of her statement pieces. By the way they are all named, and she can tell you where each piece was found!! (Tent D)


This is the charming bedroom which I was lucky enough to stay in at my friend, Lisa's, home. To see more of her home, go here.

To look at the vendors that I featured last year, and yes, most are still there! Go here

I am honored to be there again for the spring show with a book signing for Segreto: The Secret to Finishing Beautiful Interiors. I will be there April 3rd on opening day only!!  Please come by and say hi!! I loved meeting all the wonderful people from around the world at the last show - and this time no heat!!! Yayyy!!!! Marburger Farms also hosts special events throughout the year including weddings, receptions, birthdays, and graduation parties. For more information on Marburger, you can visit Have a great week and happy shopping!!! xo Leslie

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Reader Comments (4)

Oh how I would love to get to Marburger someday. It looks amazing, I would also love to meet Robin Brown from Magnolia Pearl. We just don't get shows like that in Canada.

March 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLana Waller

Oh dear, I am always so surprised discovering all these gorgeous boots at the annual Roundtop in Texas!! It seems as if all the most beautiful European antiques are there!
Have a nice week my friend!

March 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGreet

Here we go again! People are already circling the wagons for all the other venues both in Round Top, Warrenton, Shelby, Fayetteville, and here in Brenham.....The wildflowers are already springing up and we are looking forward to a great Antiques weeks..........Maryannexo

March 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBeadboard UpCountry

I don't think i've ever seen so many beautiful things in one place before. The chandelier in the second photo almost made me die... I see so many amazing things in these photos that i would love to have... wow!


March 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCindy

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