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A Visit To Aidan Gray!!!

I have always loved Aidan Gray's furniture and accessory line so I was very excited when I got the call to do a bit of handy work in their new showroom for the opening of Dallas Market  this week!

This isn't our first time working with Aidan Gray. We were honored to be a part of Cote de Texas' Aidan Gray contest where the design company's owner, Randal, redid the winning home with a houseful of beautiful furnishings.

On the inside page of his new catalogue, Sweet Randal put a shot of the rooms where Segreto applied both cabinet and plaster finishes along with our logo!  How nice is that!!


Aidan Gray's new showroom in the Dallas Market Center has a 140- by 8-foot corridor that runs through the space.  To differentiate this corridor from the rest of the room, he wanted the concrete stenciled in a very faded fashion, like the inspiration photo above.  I loved his logo and thought it'd look great to give hints of that design on the floor.  We drew out a stencil and sent it off to be reproduced! When we got the renderings back though, I just wasn't wowed.  There was no time left to start over so I turned to Royal Design Studio, a company we often purchase stencils from, to search for a precut one that would ship overnight and look fab!!  

The design, featured here as the motif in a powder bath for designer Cindy Witmer, has always been one of my favorites! And I think it complements Aidan Gray's beautiful logo perfectly!


Here we are on site, laying laying out the pattern and working out the math (the most challenging part for me)!! John, the go-to guy for the Dallas showroom, moved all the furniture out of the corridor space so we could begin!  Thank you, John!!!

While the guys were getting started, I had some time to shop around and place an order for our little Boutique Gallery in Houston. It was so hard to choose - everything was so beautiful!!!  Here's a sneak peek of their wonderful treasures!

I really noticed how the showroom now carries some antique items!  Along with their exceptional reproductions, I spied a few one-of-a-kind treasures that would be the perfect finishing touch to a room's flavor.

This is a new line for the showroom... and I fell in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They had shells and butterflies framed as well!  Put those in my cart please!!!

 This new design, a skirted zinc table, is to die for!!

In the meantime, the guys have made great progress!

Before we and a few other trades started, the showroom had everything placed perfectly. But even with things stacked in corners, it wasn't hard to appreciate the many treasures!!  I adore those pedestals and the beautiful cornice!  I might need that for my renovation project!!


Randal and team really have outdone themselves this year, creating so many unique products - fresh and current, but with a timeless appeal!  I can't wait to go back next week and see everything put in its place and our floors completely finished!  If you are going to market, be sure to visit Aidan Gray at their new location on the fifth floor. You can also check out their pieces at your closest retailer or shop online.

Since I was driving back and forth the same day (about a 9-hour drive), I coaxed two of my besties into going with me.  We, of course, had to take a little break at my favorite pit stop!  Buc-ee's!! A road trip is never complete without getting some beaver gear! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!  Till next Monday!  xo Leslie


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Reader Comments (2)

The work you have done in Aidan Gray's new showroom is a beautiful finishing touch to a space filled with beauty. I am in love with the zinc skirted table. Congrats on another job well done.

January 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterVictoria Athens

Are you selling Aidan Gray chandeliers? One of them in your pictures is exactly what I am looking for!

January 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterS. Valle

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