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Mix and Match Chairs - Break the Rules!!

Mixing and matching various chairs at a table, which has become more and more popular in design, can be a fabulous option to add interest to your kitchen, dining room or breakfast room. It may sound a bit unusual but when done well, the use of mismatched chairs can truly showcase your distinct personality and style!! Read on to see some exquisite examples of these eclectic collections that can be an extremely beautiful addition to a room!!

All Mixed Up!


With this trend, although you are trying to blend an assortment of different seating together, you should strive to maintain at least one unifying element. This could be the fabric, paint, finish, size or style of the chair. Here, the chairs are all dissimilar styles and covered in various fabrics, but the color and tonality of each is neutral allowing them to work together in harmony.


This beautiful room flaunts a wide array of chair styles and fabrics with the common thread being the lovely gray finish. So pretty!!


Here, the cohesive elements at play are the neutral color palette and the rattan chairs interlaced into the group as every other seat.


Incorporating a small couch or settee as one side of the table is an unexpected surprise and brings a little glam to this breakfast nook!

The Head of the Table


An easy way to test the waters of mixing and matching chairs is to simply differentiate the chairs that sit at the heads of the table. Because the lengths of the head and sides of tables are usually different, it makes sense that they may call for different types of chairs.


This is an interesting way to mix it up!! Unpretentious director's chairs and their slipcovered counterparts intermittently placed around the table. What fun!!


I love how fresh and bright this kitchen is designed by Julie Dodson!! The white nubby slip covers shown at the table are fabulous additions!! If you would like a set of you own, contact Beadboard Upcountry!


Many people adore the look of oversized upholstered chairs anchoring the two heads of a table. It has such a classic and established feel to it!!

In one of our client's homes in which we plastered and glazed the cabinetry, designer Leslie Strauss chose to mix the chair style around the breakfast table, giving them a gentleman's tailored flair. Love the monogram embroidered on the host and hostess chairs!!!

Modern Bench Seating
Bench seating, typically associated with a more rustic farmhouse style, can look fabulous when combined with other types of chairs around a table. It allows you to create an eclectic modern feel without losing any of that country charm!




Eclectic Events!
Mix and matched chairs are also completely on trend in the wedding and event industry, especially when a bride or hostess opts for a country or vintage vibe!! Take a look at the interesting seating arrangements below - so fun!! 

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Now it's your turn to experiment!! If you are as intrigued by this combination seating as I am, start visiting estate sales, flea markets, antique shows and resale shops to look for the perfect pieces for you! Anything you can find can be recovered and of course, refinished, to realize your desired look!! I hope everyone has a fabulous week - Till next Monday!! Xo, Leslie

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Reader Comments (3)

Really fun post. For the past 15 years I have had mixed chairs in our kitchen. We moved a few months ago and I finally found a new table and chairs this past weekend. I am so excited. Funny, this set has 8 chairs that ALL match. A friend of ours goes to Europe several times a year and has wonderful items sent back to the US. They had a container sale this weekend and I got lucky!

January 20, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterGina Diamond

I have used several of these styles in my homes: an antique bench with a farmhouse table was in my breakfast room in the '70s and '80s, and I have been using a 19th century settee at one side of my dining table for twenty five years. I also have "captain's" chairs at the table on my lanai. I guess you could say I have been a mix-and-match fan for long as it is subtly done.

January 21, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterVictoria Athens

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February 17, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterasima

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