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My Craft room/ Office is Complete!!!

The first part of my house renovation is complete! We transformed the old Segreto offices (that used to hold 4 of us!) into a craft room for me!

I am loving the new space. There is room for my gift storage, a wrapping station, sewing station, work table, desk and sink area. Now I have lots of great storage space to keep everything neatly out of sight!

This is my sewing station! I loved all of the linen fabrics from Segreto's office space so I used some of the leftover fabric to soften the room. This is one instance that being a hoarder paid off--sometimes it pays to hold onto things!! 

My favorite part of the office is this bulletin board! I wanted to carry the fabric onto the bulletin board so we hand-painted a trompe l'oeil tufted design complete with a painted metal band that appears to be holding it in place over cork!

I store the sewing machine under the skirt and even built in an ironing board from Reva shelf.  The skirt is velcrowed onto the cabinets so it's easy to open and close. The wire basket is from One Kings Lane and the wicker baskets are from Ikea to store thread, needles and leftover fabrics. 

The middle section is an old storage unit from my closet.  I had it built into the space and then installed a rod to hang drapes in front. Lots of storage for gifts and boxes. 

The far left side is my wrapping station.  We used copper pipes to make the rods for the ribbons. The baskets underneath and above are from Ikea and the glass jars are from our store. When the carpenter built the drawer fronts, I really liked the grain of the pine so I decided to stain them, pulling tones from the linen fabric and kept the rest of the built-ins white and unglazed.  I ended up using Benjamin Moore Seed Pearl in a low voc waterborne enamel paint for my trim paint. Oil brand products are on the way out so it’s good to begin making the transition with new projects in your home. 

When you walk in the door, the wall to the right houses a sink, fridge and lots of storage for paints, brushes, and crafty items. The linen boxes, which I felt I really scored with, are from a late night internet shopping venture, half off from One Kings Lane. 

The shelves were already there so we retrofitted them to put in the sink and the cooler.  There was just enough space left over for two pull out compartments, one for cleaning products the other one will be perfect for paints. I really wanted to have stainless counters to mix a little old world with industrial style.  Looking into the cost, I found a stainless steel paint that would give me the look for less. At 100$, painting was the way to go.  This product is used mainly for refrigerator fronts, so I will let you know how it holds up for counters.  The handles from home depot gave me the bit of contemporary I was looking for. 

This is where I work from home! Right now I am super busy writing book 2, so I love having two screens and a quiet place away from Segreto's hustle and bustle! I took the desk from my existing office, a great piece that I found at a second hand store years ago, and painted and built it in to the new layout.  

At the Segreto offices, we refinished and used my old shutters as door fronts to a storage closet and I love the effect! I wanted to use the remainder of them in my home office.  Just the right size, they make perfect storage compartments and house scrapbooking materials, books I would like to read and my printer. They were previously painted white and the new texture and glazes that we applied really give them the age old charm I was looking for!! 

And I can't forget about the floors!!  They were originally stained 12 years ago by Gunnels concrete. I wanted to add a bit of a twist in the new space so we did an allover stencil a top of the existing finish. We used a porch and floor paint from Sherwin Williams that should hold up to heavy traffic or paint spills!!!!  The table, chairs and light fixture were used in my breakfast area and work perfectly here with their new finish!  I hope you enjoyed the craft room renovation!  We have started the update to the rest of our home as well. I can't wait to show you the progress along the way!! Til' next Monday!!  Xo  Leslie

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Reader Comments (5)

It looks beautiful and so functional. Every detail was so carefully thought out. I know you will enjoy working in such a well-outfitted space with a place for idea of heaven.
XO, Victoria

March 17, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterVictoria Athens

This is the most beautiful functional space I have ever seen. That trompleoil bulletin board is unbelevably clever!

March 17, 2014 | Unregistered Commentercindy hattersley design about a dream craft room/ combined beauty and function so incredibly...I think I could spend my entire day in that space that has everything you can think of!...Magnificent job...this room obviously was so carefully thought out...the bulletin board is just, so creative!!!

I love all the organization. This room is definitely set to be a work horse! Can't wait for your new book!!! I look at your first one ALL the time.

March 17, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKaren

What a fabulous space, gosh I love the trompe L'oeil, I cannot believe that it is painted on, are you saying there is no velvet padding?? It looks amazing. You have exactly the chair I am after and also I love your desk. My small office is currently under-way and I have some rugs being delivered today to choose from. The rugs are old patchwork Turkish rugs that have been cut and joined together, they are gorgeous but expensive but I really want one after seeing some last week in an house and garden tour. My room is to have a French feel and I also have an old shutter from my bedroom I want to use by the window or another wall as a decorative feature.

I love the space and especially love your desk by the window. I have a feeling my new space will be a little similar to yours. I originally was going for a coastal Hamptons look but changed my mind after seeing the house tour last week to go all out French style but now have to somehow work my white coastal bookshelves into it!


March 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLee

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