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New Years Resolutions!

Every year New year resolutions come and go!! If you’re like me I have such good intentions and then just poof—it’s the next year and I haven’t accomplished my list. This year I am determined to master a few of my resolutions, in hopes for a healthier, more balanced 2015!!

Losing weight consistently tops mine and mosts' New Year’s resolution list! As you can see over the last eight years I have made a steady gain in weight with a huge jump in the last four! Although I know looks don’t make the person, dressing up is not as fun as it used to be and I certainly don't feel as energetic, rested or chipper.

But how do we get determined?!!  


I’m going to start by re-watching the movie Fed Up which reveals the relationship between processed foods and the growing weight gain in our country. With all the low fat, low sugar diet crazes, chemicals have become a staple in the food industry and people have gained weight as a result! 

I have always been interested in healthier ways to lower chemicals in the painting products Segreto uses (see blog on going green here), and the same applies to the chemicals in our foods. After watching this move, I was alarmed to learn that our children’s is the first generation expected to have a shorter lifespan than their parents, and much of this is due to the chemicals in the foods of today!

Wanting a jump start to both losing weight and being healthier, I have decided to do a juice cleanse! Crushed Juicery is a Houston based company established in 2012 by founder, Elena Dunn. Using her degree in natural health science and nutrition, Crushed provides freshly made juice cleanses, delivered right to your door-a big help to me- and offers customizable 1 to 10 day programs!  Their cold pressed juices promote the rest and repair of your digestive system while harmful, built up toxins are flushed from the body!

Wanting to test the product in advance, my office staff and I ordered the three day, ‘First Crush’ program from their website and had it delivered at the start of the week. The six juices allotted for each day actually tasted really good and noone felt hungry! After the initial caffeine withdraw passed (yikes!), everyone in the office agreed that the juices left them feeling both satisfied and energized by the end of the day! Bonus… we lost between 5-7 lbs each!!

Depending on how many toxins you have built up in your system, it isn’t uncommon to feel flu-like symptoms when first starting a cleanse. This typically only lasts a day or two and, once done cleansing, you are in a great position to start making changes to your diet plan! Above, Segreto’s Jessica enjoys her favorite Crushed Juice, pineapple! My favorite was the carrot! The green juices tasted surprisingly good as well!

Getting Fit!!...


Exercising is number 5 on the top 10 list!! I really just don't it enjoy working out, which is funny considering I used to teach aerobics in the 80’s after work just for fun! I want to incorporate this is my daily routine at least 3 times per week. In the past, I have joined health clubs, done Zumba, tried kick boxing and cycling but I just can’t seem to keep up the consistency. This year, I plan to take baby steps and stick with exercises I hate the least.     


Walking, something I enjoy probably because it’s a great girlfriend activity, is the most popular physical activity in America. For health purposes, people should walk at least a 15 minute mile. Fitness experts estimate that on average, each fifteen minute walk will burn 100 calories. Walk an hour and burn 400- not too shabby! I think I will start using my FitBit to show the number of steps I walk each day. Having used it in the past, it did encourage me to go the extra mile—hehe.


On one of my many health club spurts, I did realize I really like yoga. My Mom, who used to be a dancer and still dances at 75, has tried to get me to a yoga class for years!!  Not only is it good exercise but it is a great stress reliever and way to relax.  I wonder if this could take the place of my two glasses of wine each night which can range between 110 to 300 calories each depending on the alcohol content and serving size!!!

Getting More Sleep!!...

 Getting your beauty sleep not only provides prettier skin, more energy and a sharper brain, but also greatly improves your success rate when dieting. In an article I read from Skinny Ms. dieting participants who got adequate sleep lost more fat, and when the same participants cut back on their sleep their weight loss only was about one-fourth fat loss. My landscaper told me that he has lost 15lbs in the last month just concentrating on getting 8 hours of sleep a night.



Nutrition for the brain, most people need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. Skimping on sleep dulls activity in the brains frontal lobe which its center for decision-making and impulse control....... so a sleepy brain looks for anything that will make it feel sharper; craving junk food and lacking the impulse control to say no.

Helping others...




Helping others hit number 8 on the resolution list and for me will bring more balance to my life!!! With the books I have had to just say no to so many extra activities. Pick something you love to do and it will be so rewarding!! This year I plan to participate in the New Spring Art Center’s mentoring program. The program offers at risk youth the opportunity to explore their artistic interests and talents to help achieve a brighter future! I am going to give talks to local Jr. High and High school art programs on how to be successful in a job, what it takes to be an entrepreneur and what I do in my profession. My first talk is on the 29th-yikes... with 60 highschoolers!  I am also planning to organize a series of the Segreto artists to teach for a nonprofit after school art program. I am always so inspired by young people and really look forward seeing what they will create and come up with!

Getting organized and finishing my house!!...

Of course there always needs to be a decorating goal in each New year!! With my renovation project pouring over to 2015, I am excited about finishing my home, sharing it with you along the way and enjoying living there! Above is an update of the exterior. It's coming along! We are waiting for the new metal windows in the front and then we can finish the landscaping. In the inside, I still have fabrics to select and the kitchen and laundry redo. Taking my time and trying to enjoy the process, even with my crazy schedule, I will follow the advice I tell clients --"Beautiful homes evolve and require patience. When redoing your own homes, try to stay true to what you like and not become totally obsessed with trends!"

Here are the top 10 New year’s resolution’s! How many of these are yours? 

If you have some of the same resolutions as I do, check out my Pinterest boards on healthy eating and organizing or follow all of my boards by clicking here for design inspiration! I can't wait to try some of the hundreds of recipes I have pinned on clean eating! I'll let you know which ones are tasty.

I wish each of you success in your New Year’s Resolutions and am so grateful always of your relentless support!!! I would love to hear about your resolutions and any tips from you, on achieving mine!!! We have lots of wonderful blog stories in store to share in the upcoming months! Wishing you a great start to your 2015!!! 


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Reader Comments (6)

Thank you Leslie : )
For sharing this with us ❤️❤️❤️
It's the extra motivation that I needed this morning.
My husband and I are starting our 30 day 1 hour walk challenge.
We printed our calander and have taken body fat mesurements.
And are ready to get healthy.
In the last 4 years I have gained in weight and I am up to 198😭😂😢.
But that is it!!!! I am so tired of being tired!
This year is gonna be the year!!!
I am gonna get Healthy 😍😍😍
My goal is to loose 40-50 pounds.
I know that your blogs are gonna be extra helpful, and with all of us helping each other
We can do it. It's gonna be hard but we can do it !
Thank you once again Leslie for inspiring me.
P.s. My husband surprised me with my first Secreto Book for Christmas 😍😍😍
My bday is in Januaray and he will get me the second one yayyyyy its a great year for me already : )
Love, Luisa Patterson

January 5, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterLuisa Patterson

Sounds like your off to a good start Leslie...

January 5, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterTaylor Greenwalt

Happy new year to you!!!!! un grand merci pour voutre blog qui me fait tant rêver....ce que vous faites est absolument splendide!!!! just WONDERFUL!!!!! You are wonderful woman...Moi aussi j'ai décidé de perdre du poids.J'ai énormément grossi depuis ces 10 dernières années. Et après 50 ans ce n'est pas facile de perdre du poids. Mais j'ai du courage grâce à vous; Un grand merci de France Leslie!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! Carole

January 6, 2015 | Unregistered Commentercarole

Dear Leslie, Your site is the first I visited today and I am so happy that I did!
You have inspired me beyond!
With a great New Year ahead of us you will be one busy lady with so many great resolves!
I am going to try out the juice cleanse. With this last surgery over in August and all of the rehab I've been through you would think I'd have lost weight; however no, I have gained as well!Also have been using the frigid weather as an excuse not to exercise on those days, no more!!

All the best to you in 2015 Leslie!!
The Arts by Karena

January 6, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterKarena

I think weight loss has been at the top of my list most years since I was 30. This year so far so good. I agree about the processed foods, and am trying to eat more "whole" foods. Getting my kids to do it is even harder. If I could do one parenting thing over it would be food - NO chicken fingers, frozen pizza, or "kid food." It's so hard to break the habit. Good luck to both of us!

my mouth is watering seeing and hearing about those juices--yum! this was the first year that i gained weight out of nowhere...i actually wondered if i my puffy belly was pregnant (me without anything left inside!). so i'm starting to believe that at a certain age eating is over or bigger jeans just become a reality. i am hoping to exercise more...wouldn't it be great to develop THAT obsession/addiction? you have worked so hard and beautifully this past year--you deserve a peaceful respite from it! happy new year, friend.

January 8, 2015 | Unregistered Commentermichele@hellolovelysutdio

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