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Vieux Interiors

This has already been a busy month for me with the Pink Ribbon House and me turning 50!  Yikes!!  I thought it would be fun to share with you the evening I had at Vieux Interiors during their designer showcase and book signing! They have lots of great things that would be fab for Mother's Day ideas.

In 2010, Vieux Interiors moved to a 9,000 square foot retail showroom near the Upper Kirby district of Houston (3701 West Alabama Street, Suite 160, Houston, Texas 77027). Filled with wonderful home furnishings and accessories, the store began to have designer showcases in which they invite a designer to put together a room and create a space using anything in the store.  They have had some major talents there, and I feel so lucky that they invited me to be a part of it all!

They have a fun wine and hors d'oeuvres event at night, and then the space remains on display for a month.  As a lover of white wine - one of my faults - I really enjoyed their selections of Kali Hart Chardonnay and Shannon Ridge Sauvignon Blanc!

This showcase was all about designer Julie Dodson!  She always blends such an amazing assortment of old world and contemporary pieces, so Vieux is a perfect place for her style with its eclectic mix of furnishings accessories and art!! I also got the chance to meet the artist, Matt Manalo, who did the fabulous piece hanging on the shutters.

Seeing how Julie accessorized was fun for me especially since she was mixing the contemporary with the old world!

Julie has a signature of always bringing in pops of pink or lavender! To see more of her work, go to Cote de Texas which just did a wonderful feature on Julie. She is very talented! (P.S. The hand-painted walls in the Pink Ribbon House spread were all Segreto!!)

The store not only has a great selection but the story of the people behind the store is just as interesting! Owner, Marty Bratton, developed his passion and taste for beautiful furnishings and high-end design from his travels through the cobblestone streets of Paris.

He spent several years visiting European flea markets with established designers before creating his vision for Vieux Interiors. These acrylic stools with the rope handles and upholstered tops were one of my favorite finds! How fun are these!!!

I always have so much fun meeting new friends and visiting with old at these events!!  Thank you to all who come out for them!

Marty’s background in construction engineering gives him the technical skills and the unique, creative approach to make custom furnishings.  You can see he has quite a mix!!  I think this painted table would be wonderful in a game room!!

Fuzzy pillows and throws seem all the rage!!  They're an easy way to bring an eclectic edge to more traditional decor!

Vieux Interiors carries so many unique items from a shell mirror to metallic embossed cow hides to one of a kind silk embroidered pillows... they even have a gorgeous collection of silver and turquoise jewelry!

Finishing mid-century pieces by spraying them with one-color gloss enamel or lacquer seems to to making its way into contemporary design!!! Mix in some cool lamps, bold-patterned pillows, modern art and voila!

Today's design rules are much less rigid, allowing you to be more creative and flexible - perfect for people like me who love all styles!  One thing special about the shop is that their displays offer ideas for how to combine objects like this ultra contemporary lamp with the rustic side table.

The metal finishes on the tables were quite unique!  I was really interested in figuring out how the process works so I can translate the finish to a wall.

These pots are so cool!

 What a fab bookcase that would be wondergul to built a wall behind for a curved starcase or niche area!


The store is also filled with orgional abstract art!!  I loved this peice flanked by the sconces-simple and interesting!!


What an eclectic mix of decor--It all works!


I can just visualize this lovely dining room at night, lit by the soft romantic glow of the chandelier and beautiful glass candlesticks!!! You can tell my 25th wedding anniversary is coming up soon!!!

Here is the Vieux crew, so happy with the big turnout and all the well-deserved praise they got on their beautiful showroom. They are just as nice as they are cute! I am so excited that they are carrying my book and so grateful that they did such a fun book signing event for me. This store is definitely worth the trip!   Come by MAI2(see below) and say high to me during their Mother's Day shopping event. Have a great week and a very special Mother's Day!!  Xoxo  Leslie

May 12: Memorial Antiques & Interiors Mom & Me Shopping Event Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm  

I will be there celebrate Mother's Day with store wide discounts, a book signing event (MAI2) and ten trunk shows. Segreto Galleries has joined in the celebration by  discounting all art for this one day event. Located at 8719 Katy Freeway Houston, Tx 77024. For more information call 713-465-6405 or visit

 May 12 :"Champagne Stroll On Magazine Street"-New Orleans, LA Time: 5:00- 9:00 pm  

 Let your LA friends know the book is in New Orleans at Gallery 3954. Come sip and shop on Magazine Street for Mother's Day. There will be trunk shows, live music and much more! Visit our friends at Gallery 3954 to shop their fabulous collection of fine art, lighting, and furniture and pick up a copy a copy of Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors/ Located at 3954 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA.     


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Roses & Rust


I wanted to introduce Sharon, the author of Roses and Rust Blog.  Coming from halfway across the globe, she has inspired me with her wonderful images showcasing a wide variety of design styles from around the world.

As you can see by her header, she loves incorporating antiques, plastered walls and anything old and vintage into her posts and personal design. You can tell that interior decorating and design have been her passions for as long as she can remember.

Sharon, pretty as can be, lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa with her husband and four sons!!!

By following her blog, I've gotten to see just what gorgeous surroundings she lives near!!! Every Thursday, she drives to her oil painting class in the Constantia Valley.  The house above is a beautiful wine farm named “Buitenverwatchting” which means "beyond expectations".  In this post, Sharon researches this type of architecture, prevalent in the area during the 17th and 18th centuries!  To see the post, go here

Reminiscent of a house one would find in Provence, this home is actually in Paarl, a quaint historic town near Cape Town. To see its incredible interiors, go here.


Sharon generously introduces us to South African artisans who are impacting design in her part of the world. This company, African Sketchbook, has a very innovative approach to fabric. Sharon thinks they are very unique, because "each fabric design job starts with two things: a story and a colour palette, two building blocks of great design. Imagine that instead of choosing fabrics to fit your design, you were able to use fabrics born from the design itself".


The manuscripts and motifs on the fabrics and design elements are meaningful and unique to the owners.  To read more of this interesting story, go here.

Sharon also shares great do-it-yourself tips on things she has created in her own home like this niche that was originally just a brick wall. Because she couldn't find any pieces that would fit, she built this herself and explains how here.

This was the before - she crafted such a pretty, functional space from this formerly unused area!!

I just love this South African home that she shared on Roses & Rust! The white floors are fantastic!

And the eclectic yet sophisticated dining room of the same home! To see the whole house, go here.


Her posts on kitchens are always informative and feature breathtaking photos. They give a new slant to the traditional kitchens we so often see in the United States!

Always finding innovative ways to make the holidays special, she shares her tips on wrapping!

I don’t garden, but after reading her posts on gardening sheds, I want to start—so beautiful!!!  Go here to visit this post.

Occasionally, Sharon explores some fabulous places to stay in Europe... this one's definitely on my bucket list! I love the stone! To see the whole villa, go here.

This French home has an interesting mix of French and Scandinavian furnishings! To find out more about how these were incorporated, go here.

Thank you so much, Sharon, for giving us a glimpse into your part of the world and sharing your wonderful design ideas, inspiration, and just happy living!! It's such a wonderful blog - if you havent visited Sharons blog, it's a must see so click  Roses and Rust!

To see a sneak peak of this years 2012 Pink Ribbon House go to the post below!

 To purchase “Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors” on our website, click here or to purchase through Amazon, click here.

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Great Headboards!!


A big thank you to the blogs Greige and Willow Decor for their wonderful write ups on the book Segreto:Secrets To Finishing Beautiful Interiors.  These are well done blogs with huge followings both of which I LOVE!  I am so honored that they wrote such complimentary reviews.  If you haven't looked at these two lovely blogs they are both a must read!!!! Please go visit! They are both on my blogroll as well!

Headboards seem all the rage, and I can see why! Designers are really showcasing their creativity through these bedroom focal points, using interesting materials and selecting unique shapes! Thanks to Wade Blissard for all the photos that are watermarked with Segreto Finishes. These photos are rooms of whole homes featured in Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors.

The first headboards were thought to come from the Greeks and Romans!  This lovely velvet one with a nail-head trim by designer Cindy Witmer fits perfectly with the soft tones of this dreamy bedroom!!


The Greeks discovered that adding a raised board to the head of the bed made it more comfortable for eating, drinking and reading!
Designed by John Loecke, Inc., this quilted headboard suits the eclectic, contemporary feel of the bedroom.


In Rome, headboards were considered luxuries among the wealthy.  This beautifully carved headboard is softened by the fabric treatment - it would certainly make you feel like a princess!


The cornice and fabric treatment, along with a headboard of the same material, frame this statement piece of art, incorporating it into the design. Pretty incredible!!

These two charming twins are perfect for a grandchild/guest room. Designer Anne Lydick pulled from her drapery fabric to create matching headboards and dust ruffles!

 Using fabric to create a headboard definitely transforms the look of these antique poster beds.  Sweet Anne Lydick is so talented!


These uniquely shaped, tufted headboards are so fun!

Using natural linen is perfect for a casual yet elegant headboard. We plastered this high-rise for designer Kara Childress. To all of this gorgeous unit, go here.


This bed certainly becomes a focal point in the room with both a headboard and a fabric treatment covering the wall!

I love the shape of this headboard designed for Julie Dodson.  The art to the left is one I painted for the homeowner in memory of her very special sister.


When settlers started migrating to America, the mattresses were made here, while the linens and headboards were shipped from Europe– reflecting not only the wealth, but the heritage, history, and culture of the owner.


Unable to find the perfect cornice to complete her headboard, designer Ellie Bale had this one made, and then we applied a custom finish to complement her fabrics. To see the rest of Ellie's fab home, go here.


I have always loved this bed, designed by James Michael Howard - my idea of what a 5-star spa's room should be like!

Designer Talbot Cooley was so clever in the way she made the upholstered headboards with sides for the two corner beds.  This allows all three granddaughters to stay comfortably in the same room when visiting their grandparents!!!


This is definitely a custom headboard that takes full consideration of the two oval windows in its design.


What a statement this makes! I just love the antique mirror!


Upholstering the inside of a mirror frame certainly adds a bit of Hollywood glamour!

Sheila Lyon

The scale of this upholstered piece, designed by Sheila Lyon, is perfect for this oh-so-pretty bedroom that we fauxed for her!


I love this bookcase - great idea for a small bedroom!

Caldwell Flake Interiors used a picture frame to offset their upholstery in this bright, fun space.


Perfect for a boys room or a mountain home, these tree headboards are full of personality!

Jun/Jul 2010 Interior Design by Lee Kleinhelter. 


Slipcovered headboards are a brilliant idea - you can wash them and change out the look for each season!!


This old mirror makes a wonderful headboard.  So pretty the way it is - I can just imagine how spectacular it'd be with the inside arch upholstered!




Love the itty bitty photos hanging over this princess headboard!


Taking an old bed frame and upholstering a part of it can entirely change the look, as you can see with this one by Laura Day.


And this one! It's shape and scale adds so much interest to the room!


During medieval times, headboards built for the aristocracy became even more extravagant incorporating the 4 poster bed and elaborate fabrics.  This bedroom, designed by Phoebe Howard, is certainly fit for royalty!


A fireplace mantel makes the perfect headboard for this shabby chic bedroom!



Caldwell Flake Interiors has made the entire wall into an upholstered headboard.  I love the sconces flanking the bed!!

I hope you enjoyed this assortment of headboards!  Which one is your favorite?

I had so much fun in the fine city of Baton Rouge for my book signing at the store Rogers & McDaniel Home! The surroundings were fab and I loved al the wonderful people I met. For those of you in Houston don't forget that the Pink Ribbon House is opeing this week and you will love the home!! Have a great week--xo  Leslie

April 27-29, May 4-6: The Pink Ribbon House

 Located in Memorial's Hunters Creek Village at 10619 Fairlane Drive, the home will be open to the public for tours. Tour hours are Friday 10 am to 3 pm; Saturday 10 am to 5 pm; and Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm. Tickets are $15 and will be available at the door.

To purchase “Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors” on our website, click here or to purchase through Amazon, click here.

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Classic Design - Joni Webb

Thanks so much to sweet Laura Gunn author of the Blog Decor to Adore who wrote such a wonderful review of the book!  I truly enjoy her blog and was honored that she wrote a post.  If you don’t follow her give her a visit!!

I am so excited to show you the first project I ever did with Joni Webb, designer extraordinaire and queen of the bloggers!  Author of one of my favorite blogs, Cote de Texas, and co-host of The Skirted Roundtable, Joni has brought so many beautiful homes and inspirational individuals into our lives. She always features a wide variety of work by extremely talented designers, so I am delighted to share a bit of her own work with you. Thank you to my photographer Wade Blissard for taking these beautiful photos.

As soon as I walked into this home over 5 years ago to discuss a study makeover, I turned to Joni and the homeowner and exclaimed, "This home should be published - it’s beautiful!"  I loved the soft color tones and elegant French furnishings. Moving from a larger, more contemporary home to this new one, Joni's client wanted a soft palette.  Though this house was originally a dark gray, she envisioned a lighter, warmer feel with hints of a French influence unlike her ultra-contemporary former abode. When Joni started on the project, the whole cream and light sea grass look that she was known for was just taking off. So the walls were painted a light butter neutral with gray trim to make everything very soft and feminine.

The homeowner had some gorgeous existing pieces that Joni recovered and incorporated whenever possible, but she added a new sofa for comfort and several wonderful French antiques like the coffee table and settee from Kay O'Toole and the chairs and fabulous 18th century antique mirror from Watkins Culver.  The main seating area was previously a dark gray velvet sectional sofa with a marble coffee table and a strong piece of abstract art.  Two beautiful looks, but imagine the change!

The fireplace which is so perfect for this style was formerly painted black - yikes!!!  Joni softened it by applying a creamy, stone finish. The walls were fauxed with a soft ragging technique.  Much of the home was completed before I knew Joni, so hats off to the finisher!  When finishes are kept soft and subtle, they certainly do stand the test of time!

Joni did a fantastic job of arranging all the wonderful collections and accessories. From the creamware and majolica to the beautiful boxes, wonderful seashells, and fabulous assortment of Chinese men, Joni's arrangements create such interest. What a lovely barometer and small console table!

A soft tonal striped wallpaper and the layering of a beautiful rug over seagrass frames this wonderful dining room which opens into the rest of the home.  Joni simply recovered the homeowner's beautiful existing furnishings and accessorized with creamware. 

The kitchen had never been redone, so several years after the rest of the home's completion, I was called in to give it a facelift without changing appliances or surfaces.  To lighten the look, we plastered the walls and ceiling in a light cream color and painted all the trim in a similar tone, creating an airy feel. Glazing the cabinets in the same color really imparted that Country French style as well.

The previously dark-stained chest and shelves were refinished in a creamy antique. These light finishes do a much better job of showcasing the wonderful zinc table from Joyce Horn Antiques and the homeowner's incredible majolica collection that Joni so beautifully displayed.

And this is the project that began my two wonderful friendships with both the very talented Joni and the oh so fun homeowner! Loving the French feel that Joni had created in the rest of the home, the homeowner was now ready to tackle the study which was very dark before with contemporary furnishings. A light cream on the paneling and an antique finish gave a subtle, warm backdrop to offset the wonderful fabrics and furnishings. To complement the fabrics and bring a finished look to the space, we also painted the ceiling in the palest of greens - so pretty!

I really like how the custom-cut seagrass on the staircase and landing leading into the master creates the effect of runners!

What a beautiful, soft and fabulous bedroom!!!  From the ball gown-like drapes to the delightful fabrics, this large master is such a charming, sophisticated retreat!  I love the combination of details Joni incorporates into her designs like the upholstery on the existing headboard, the wonderful trim on all the upholstered pieces, the Farrow and Ball striped wallpaper and the soft texture of the carpet. 


What a cozy, private place to watch TV, have a glass of wine, read a book or just unwind after a long day!

The bathroom, unchanged from the original home, features a beautiful window with mirrors all around.  To soften the space, the tub is accessorized with elegant crystal, candles, and shells.  The lovely painting by Kiah Denson of Segreto Studios adds gentleness and style to the bath - I love how it's hung over the mirror!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this beautiful home designed by Joni Webb. For those of you who don't know Joni, she is as fun and down to earth as she is talented!  Thanks so much for letting me share some of your beautiful work, Joni.  If you haven't read her blog Cote de Texas or listened to The Skirted Roundtable, they are both well worth the time - informative, fun and beautiful!!! This week is my first out of state book signing in Baton Rouge which will be so fun beacuse my daughter goes to LSU! I would love to meet you if you live near Baton Rouge, or if you know anyone there that you feel might enjoy the event, feel free to pass it on! I appreciate it!  Have a wonderful week!  xo  Leslie

April 19: Book Signing at Home, Rogers & McDaniel in Baton Rouge from 4:00-8:00 pm

Come celebrate Home, Rogers & McDaniel’s second anniversary with us! Enjoy wine and hors d'oeuvres, shop for some fabulous French and European antiques, and visit with me as I sign my new book, Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors. Located at 4237 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70808.

To purchase “Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors” on our website, click here or to purchase through Amazon, click here.

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The Pink Ribbon Tribute Series-2010

Thank you to Stacy Curran designer and author of the blog Conspicuous Style who wrote a wonderful review of my book and is now featuring it on her must read list. If you haven't read her blog take a peak-I love her post on Fridays that showcase 50 of her favorite rooms. I feel honored to be amongst the lovely books she refers!

Each Pink Ribbon house seems to be just as beautiful as the last - a truly impossible feat!!  I hope you enjoy while I take you through the 2010 Pink Ribbon home built by Levitt Partnership! I featured some of its beautiful rooms in an article I wrote for Antique Shops & Designers Magazine -  a great publication that you should definitely visit online if you don't currently get it!  This incredible home is also showcased in my book, Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors, which lists all the wonderful sources so that you can know where the furnishings, art and accessories are from.  Here are some never before seen photos of this home that's so dear to my heart!

Throughout this project, I worked with all the designers to pick a color palette that would complement all of their styles, fabrics, surfaces and furnishings.  Benjamin Moore Clay Beige was used on all the trim as well as for the hallway walls that were not plastered. This enhanced the home's flow from room to room even though so many designers were creating their own look in each individual space!

Each designer wanted their own special touch.  We created this wonderful fresco-style groin detail to showcase the beautiful fixture that designer Katie Galliano purchased from Tara Shaw.  The finish on this antique reproduction is superb!

The walnut-stained floors are stunning in this basket weave design. The border is a wonderful way to set apart the entrance from the adjoining rooms that feature a plank pattern.

I love the wine room nestled in a vestibule between the entrance and the dining room... It just needs wine!!

As the only main room downstairs treated in a different color, this soft blue-gray living room really creates such an inviting space. With a crown molding and a flat ceiling, using a paint color to blend with the plaster offered a cost savings. The antique, early 20th century Tabriz rug from Matt Camron plays up the blue in the fabrics, walls and art! Designer Julia Blailock really out did herself in this room!

I just love this room also designed by Julia Blailock!  The addition of faux columns that appear to hold up the groin vaults create such wonderful architectural interest. Starting with a primer, we sanded through and glazed the columns to achieve an aged effect. While the space keeps in the same tone as the rest of the home, the plaster in this dining room brings uniqueness to the room with its textured finish.


So pretty it deserves a second shot! I love the two-toned fabrics on the chairs and the use of different hostess and host chairs - all from Carl Moore Antiques.

Hollenbeck Architects really incorporated so many wonderful surprises in this home - Notice all the peek through openings such as this one leading from the downstairs landing to the butler's pantry.  It makes a perfect serving area for parties!!

The elegant butler's pantry desinged by Julia Blailock provides a beautiful transition between the dining room and kitchen. Finishes on cabinets make such a huge difference in softening the space and creating warmth. For this cabinetry, we went with a slightly heavier finish than what you'll see in the kitchen. I love how the counters and mirrored backsplash give this room a personality of its own!

The heart of the home was designed by designer Suzanne Duin. Staining the beams a softer color than the floors and doors really gives the room more character and opens up the space. This room is definitely multi-purpose, housing the den, kitchen, and breakfast area!

To carve out the breakfast nook, Suzanne placed this beautiful drop-leaf table behind the couch. Hiding the TV, the fireplace mantle brings the eye upward to the wonderful sky painting by one of Segreto Studios' featured artists, Allan Rodewald.

Country French all the way!!! The narrow space of the kitchen appears wider with its cabinets glazed in similar colors to the walls, imparting character while maintaining an open feel. Suzanne designed this wonderful island, inspired by one she had seen on a European vacation.

The home office also by Suzanne Duin is just charming! Yes, it's wallpaper - so cute with matching fabric! And we pulled it all together with two-toned cabinetry finishes.

Clean, contemporary, eclectic is this study desinged by Katie Galliano!!!  I love the patchwork hide rug - it's not only unique and textured, but it's a great solution if you want a light-colored rug that is totally indestructible!

This is a master to die for designed by Julie Dodson, such a testament to a layered effect that balances the feminine and masculine! We hand painted a Gracie-inspired tree design on the walls... it's one of my favorite finishes we do!  The pink tulips pull out the pops of color from Julie's pillows and accessories. This treatment was a fraction of what the wallpaper would have cost!

I really like that Julie did two different drapery treatments, creating a very custom feel! The cornice over the lower windows makes them feel higher while the rod over the doors with a transom doesn't make it feel too heavy.

Art looks gorgeous on these walls which already look like artwork on their own.  This beautiful lady painting is by another Segreto featured artist, Kiah Denson!

These doors are absolutely divine!!!  Vinyl with nail-heads - so stunning!

This bathroom by Julie Dodson is fit for royalty. Simply breathtaking! I love the floors cut in a herringbone pattern that perfectly complement the mosaics around the tub mirror!


With one of my all time favorite headboards, this guest bedroom designed by Leslie Strauss is full of Hollywood glamour.

Painting cabinets in a different and darker color than the trim gives them a furniture feel without the expense of applying a specialty finish.

This girl's room is so cute! Cindy Dickerson really went all out on the fabric details here!!

To pull the colors from the other side of the room, we did this fun floral!

Designer Christine Ho's inset panels are all fabric - a clever way to cut the sound in this open media room and create texture and interest at the same time.

Here is another beautiful guest room by designer Leslie Strauss.  Her tone-on-tone play on textures really makes this room.  I love the starburst mirror hanging over the fabric behind the bed.

The beautiful curved cabinet design and mirror detail also by Leslie Strauss are truly enchanting.  The glazed cabinetry completes the look, blending wonderfully with the drapes, the sconce hung on the mirror, and the lantern over the window.

 Eclectic and fun, this playroom designed by Cindy Dickerson is full of whimsy!!  I hope this tour of the 2012 house excites you for the next 2012 pink ribbon house that's just around the corner!! Thank you so much to Wade Blissard and Michael Ortega for providing such wonderful photography! 

April 12: Book Signing at The Mews in Marble Falls, Tx Time: 4-8--If you know anyone in Marble Falls please pass on the invite!!--thanks

 Located at 903 2nd Street, Marble Falls, Tx 78734.

April 27-29, May 4-6: The Pink Ribbon House

10619 Fairlane Drive-Tours Friday 10 am to 3 pm; Saturday 10 am to 5 pm; and Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm. Tickets are $15 and will be available at the door. A Preview Party will be held Friday, April 20 at 7 pm; tickets are $100. For reservations or more information, call 713-798-211- or visit

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